56. Baltic Nations Kommers 2019

28-30.06.2019, Warsaw

Program of events

Day 1

Friday, 28th of June 2019

21.00 - Ball of Welecja


Day 2

Saturday, 29th of June 2019

13.00 - Holy Mass

14.00 - Procession

15.00 - Official ceremony and concert

17.00 - Seniors meeting

19.00 - Kommers and Sororities evening

20.30 - Concert for partners and later After Party


Day 3

Sunday, 30th of June

11.00 - Katerfrühstück

56. Baltic Nations Kommers

28-30.06.2019, Warsaw

We are honored to announce the 56th Baltic Nations Kommers, which will take place in Warsaw from 28th to 30th June 2019. Welecja wants to welcome you in the capital of Poland eight years after a memorable first B!N!K! in Warsaw.

56. B!N!K! is organized by Welecja alongside with Korporatsioon Indla from Estonia and Towarzystwo Tradycji Akademickiej. Together we are proud to announce, that the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Andrzej Duda took a High Patronage of the event!

As always B!N!K! gathers fraternity and sorority members from Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Poland to unite in a common tradition of celebrating our unity and faithfulness to ageless values.


Mesdames et Messieurs, Venez nombreux!

Korporacja Akademicka Welecja

Welecja is a Polish academic korporation which was established in Riga in 1883. Riga was at that time a very popular destination for polish students. Welecja’s principles were oriented around values of self-development, intellectual stimulation, work aimed at regaining independence by Poland as well as on the principle of friendship between its members. After I World War Welecja moved to Warsaw, where it functioned until the II World War. After the fall of communism Welecja restored its activities in Warsaw in 2002 with admission of first after the War new members.

Welecja’s motto reads: Viribus Unitis Suum Cuique. It serves as expression of fundamental for Welecja values of lifelong friendship as well as tolerance and respect for different world views among its members. Both of this values are well reflected in a rich and diverse list of members of Welecja. They represented multitude of world views, political affiliations as well as religions, including atheists, Jews, Muslims and Christians. Welecja was also always very deeply democratic and underlined equality between members. Historically it was not well seen to use aristocratic titles of symbols in the relations between members. Also seniority in the fraternity did not lead to inequalities between members.

During 135 years Welecja accepted around 1000 members. Many of them played an important role in the history of Poland and Europe as outstanding statesmen, architects, scientists, artists, philanthropists etc. Among the most notable ones were Prof. Ignacy Mościcki, world famous chemist and President of the Republic of Poland (1926-1939), Senator Tadeusz Giedroyć, architects known from numerous works in Warsaw and many other cities: Bohdan Pniewski, Józef Szanajca, Franciszek Lilpop or Leon Suzin; scientists and inventors: Maurycy Chorzewski, Edmund Załęski or Mirosław Gersdorf and many others.



Registration & tickets
Registration is closed. You can get your tickets on the spot.




Patronage of the President of Poland



Baltic Nations Kommers 2019


© 2019 by Welecja.

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